KAYAKCRAZY – The Crazy Hungarian.

My name is Richard J. Varga. Yes, I’m that crazy hungarian, who paddled from Norway to Hungary. 🙂

This marker was hung on me by my Norwegian friends, as I was doing solo adventures that were crazy and  meaningless to them, but essential to me. At the beginning they called me Crazy Ric, as long I started with seakayaking. KayakCrazyRic was born.
Whenever I could, and when I had no choice, I traveled and still travel everywhere by kayak. Whether it’s a 4 km paddling home from a kayak polo training after a 100 km drive, even on January nights, at minus 10 degrees in the Norwegian Sea, or as the end of a 2 day kayak course, a 25 km open sea paddling home to the island where I lived. Not to mention the 5,000 km paddling home to Hungary.
Kayak crazy? Crazy kayaker? Simple KAYAKCRAZY.

In bondage to nature

Since my childhood I have been attracted to nature, mountains, water, wildlife. I went fishing, hiking, climbing mountains. In 2007 I went to Norway, where I was captured by the almost untouched wilderness.

I like simple things. In today’s accelerated world, everyone is rushed, overworked, over-combined with their lives, unable to stop and enjoy it, and the beauties of nature.

In 2013 I became infected by seakayaking. As if I came into another dimension … When I am on the water, everything else disappears, the problems go away, there is only the moment, the water and myself present.

I completed the Norwegian Paddle Association’s (NPF) basic sea kayaking course, and a few weeks later, with the knowledge of the eskimoroll, I made the solo circumnavigation of the croatian island of Rab as a training session for the following 4-day kayaktrip in Spitzbergen.

I was so fascinated by the freedom of kayaking that I went up the ladder . In addition, I did sidetours in the world of other kayak sports such as canoe polo and surf kayaking. Alongside the courses, these three sports developed my technical skills very quickly.

KayakCrazyRic at canoepolo training
KayakCrazyRic is surfkayaking

From 2015, I worked as a seakayak guide at the Lofoten Islands … whenever I could, I organized individual tours and expeditions for myself:

My paddle paradies

My Vision

Now, thousands of miles behind me, I enterprise to share my experience with others and organize safe tours at sea and inland waters. I want to offer the opportunity for others to experience the inspiring feeling of kayaking.

I would like to give you the opportunity to do individual VIP courses and tours, team building tours. And anyone who is interested, can participate at some part of my next expeditions, to taste the feeling of expeditionpadding.

Previos kayaking achievements

2013 Circumnavigation Island Rab,Croatia

2013 Spitzbergs 4 day kayaking tour

2014 Lofoten Islands West Coast solo kayaking

2015 South Greenland 10 Day Duo Seakayak Expedition

2018 Portuguese Surf Kayaking Tour

2018 Scandinavian Open Kayak Surf Championship

In 2019, I paddled 5000km from Lofoten Islands to Szigetköz: Project Endurance Mission Paddling Upstream

KayakCrazyRic at the Polarcircle on the 5000 km way to home

2020 as a next step of Endurance Mission, I had the idea and competed Mosoni Upstream 1.0 . In 2 days I paddled 118,5km upstream the river Mosoni Danube.

In addition, I paddle in domestic waters. Mostly in the Szigetköz,and the rivers Danube, Rába .

2021 With my partner in crime Klaudia Kis, during the Endurance Mission Danube Upstream project, we paddled upstream on the Danube from the Black Sea to the source region.

Endurance Mission Danube Upstream 2021 – Kis Klaudia & KayakCrazyRic ( Photo: Sorin Pana)
Klaudia Kis & KayakCrazyRic at the source of the Danube, Donaueschingen.

My education so far:

NPF 3 * sea kayak guide

NPF 2 * canoepolo

I speak hungarian, english, norwegian and german.

The KAYAKCRAZY team has been strengthened since 2021 by my partner Kis Klaudia.
Klaudia Kis in Szigetköz
Perhaps suffice it to say that she is the first woman topaddle upstream the Danube from the Black Sea to the source region.
Klaudia Kis in the Danube-Delta at Galac ( Photo: Sorin Pana)