Event Calendar

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We publish the 2022 event calendar so you can choose in time, whichone interests you best . If you can’t find the program description yet, or if you will be asked for password, come back later, because we’re still working on it to make sure, to give the best experience.

Watch the traditional Buso festival and paddle the Gemenc 11-13.02.2022.

Easter paddling 16-17.04.2022.

Mosoni Upstream qualification 23.04.2022.

Mosoni 100 Kayak Challenge 14.05.2022.

Paddle the Gemenc 20-22.05.2022.

Best of Danube 28.05.-12.06.2022.

Wachau-Ybbs-Melk-Krems 17-19.06.2022.

Kayakroll at lake Balaton 24.06.2022.

Sea kayak rescue workshop at lake Balaton 25-26.06.2022.

Weltenburger Enge – kayaktrip 1-3.07.2022.

Kayakroll at Szigetköz 08.07.2022.

Sea kayak rescue workshop at Szigetköz 09-10.07.2022.

KayakCrazy in Greenland 15-31.07.2022.

KayakCrazy at Lofoten islands 30.07-

Lond weekend at the Adriatic 19-21.08.2022.

Sea kayak rescue workshop at the Adriatic 22-23.08.2022.

Sea kayak expedition week at the Adriatic 24-28.08.2022.

Mosoni Upstream Kayak Challenge 03-04.09.2022.

Deer roaring in Szigetköz 10.09.2022.

Zátonyi Danube in autumn colors 11.09.2022.

Weltenburger Enge in Autumn 16-18.09.2022.

Deer roaring in Szigetköz 17.09.2022.

Deer roaring in Szigetköz 18.09.2022.

Shiplocks and Castles along the Main 23-25.09.2022.

Paddle Halloween 30.10.2022.

Season closing 31.12.2022.