Richárd J.Varga, who has been living in Norway for 12 years, has been leading sea kayak tours and teaching sea and flat water kayaking from beginner to advanced level since 2015 with the Level 3 tour guide qualification of the Norwegian NPF Kayak Association. He specializes in seakayakking paddle and rescue technics education and long, extreme kayaking expeditions. Yes, he is the one who kayaked from Norway to Hungary.

Arrival of KayakCrazyRic by Endurance Mission Paddling Upstream

Previos kayaking achievements :

2013 Solo-Circumnavigation Island Rab,Croatia

2013 Spitzbergs 4 day kayaking tour

2014 Lofoten Islands West Coast solo kayaking

2015 South Greenland 10 Day Duo Seakayak Expedition

2018 Portuguese Surf Kayaking Tour

2018 Scandinavian Open Kayak Surf Championship

2019, he paddled 5000km from Lofoten Islands to Szigetköz: Project Endurance Mission Paddling Upstream

2020 as a next step of Endurance Mission, he had the idea and completed Mosoni Upstream 1.0 . In 2 days he paddled 118,5km upstream the river Mosoni Danube.

2021 With his partner in crime Klaudia Kis, during the Endurance Mission Danube Upstream project, they paddled upstream on the Danube from the Black Sea to the source region.

In addition, he paddle in domestic waters. Mostly in the Szigetköz, and the rivers Danube and Rába .

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Klaudia Kis and KayakCrazyRic at the finish line. Donaueschingen, the source of the Danube