Klaudia Kis

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Kis Klaudia
Klaudia Kis is a soft-skill trainer, spin bike trainer, kayak-canoe tour guide and dedicated environmentalist. Over the past five years, thousands of people have come with her across the country from beginners to advanced. Hundreds of adults and young people a year honored her with their trust in collaborative and self-awareness trainings. She believes in personal attention, solution-focused thinking, individual development, and the power of humor.
She is the first woman to paddle upstream from the mouth of the Danube to the source region.
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Klaudia Kis at Danube-delta- Galac ( Fotó: Sorin Pana)
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During the project Endurance Mission Danube Upstream in 2021, she and her partner KayakCrazyRic paddled from the Black Sea upstream to the source area of the Danube.