Kayak Rolling Course

Kayak Rolling Course: A kayak roll (often referred to as an Eskimo roll) is the act of righting a capsized kayak by use of body motion and/or a paddle.  (wikipedia)

For safety reasons, I work with max. 2 people.

Unfortunately, experience shows that in Hungary kayakers are not welcome in the swimming pool, so we do courses outdoors.

We start the theoretical part on land and then move on to the practice very soon. First  learn some basic movements on land. After warming up your body properly, we try these movements on the water. First with a diving mask, then with a nose clip, and later without it.

The Kayak Rolling Course is 6 hours long , at least 60% of this we spent in water. Whether or not one learns the technique during this time is completely individual. Some may succeed on their first attempt, but some may take several days. You should not give up ,just keep practicing until it become fully automatic.

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