Seakayak Course

This sea kayak course is marked as Basic Seakayak Course  by the Norwegian Paddle Association (NPF) 

It’s only available to run by sea kayak instructors trained by the association.
I completed the training between 2013-2015. My experiential knowledge gained since then on the waves of the northern seas and oceans. Currently I organize courses basicly in Hungary, and at the Adriatic sea, but for closed groups everywhere in Europe
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You can find the course dates in the Event Calendar.

KayakCrazyRic NPF Seakayak Instuctor

Why do you need this course?

Kayaking is an increasing popular sport, but it’s not just about paddling and having fun.  With a kayak you reach places which are inaccessible on foot or by car – where you don’t meet anyone. Except you take your favorite friends, your fellow tourmates with you.
Whether you paddle alone or in company, you or your companions can capsize  into the water at any time. Do you know what to do in that case? Can you save yourself or your mates? Are you sure you can consciously prevent capsizing , or can you predict dangerous situations?
It is not always possible to swim and  pull the kayak ashore; and often you don’t have enough time before the hypothermic  to drift until you have a proper place to leave the water.
I know,it sounds overdriven, maybe you have never capsized. Anyway it’s better to try it in a controlled environment,   to be ready for what to do in a sharp situation.
seakayak course
Guide in action
The part of safe paddling is also that you have the proper technical knowledge to prevent an accident. You can properly assess whether the chosen paddling  location is right for your knowledge and stamina. You know the water and can save your energy if needed, so you’ll find the solution that best suits the terrain and situation.
In this course, you will learn the techniques needed for safe, efficient, confident, and enjoyable kayaking, and even how to move effectively against the tide or even rivers.
seakayak course
NPF Basic Seakayak Course
You will be able to avoid capsizing. In case of capsizing  into the water through no fault of your own, you will be able to confidently manage the co-and self-rescue so that you can paddle safely all year round.
We will also teach you how to prepare for a kayak tour, what equipment is necessary.
The course is 2 days long, and  is mostly spent with practice on the water.

After completing the NPF Basic Sea Kayak course, you will receive such a registered and validated plastic card from NPF

The course starts with a minimum of 4 applicants.

You can find the course dates in the Event Calendar.

If you want a course on  weekdays, we are happy to start a course at individual times if at least 4 people apply. 
The course is held in Szigetköz or at lake Balaton in Hungary and on the Adriatic sea, but on request for closed groups everywhere else in Europe.
Course fee:
260 euros.
which also includes training and equipment (kayak, vest, paddle)
What else you should calculate for:
– travel individually (We introduce the participants of the course to each other, we help to coordinate the joint trip if required.)
– accommodation individually (We have a suggestion.)
– meals individually

General Terms for participation