Lofoten Islands Seakayak Adventure

Lofoten Islands Seakayak Adventure: Scheduled date: 13-22.August 2021. Contact us for more info!

An unforgettable experience in the fjords and at the white sandbeaches of the arctic Lofoten Islands.

Who do I recommend the Lofoten Islands Seakayak Adventure?

For a small company of 3-4 (max.6) people…

Those who want to retreat from the busy, accelerated world,

and from the hot summer heat …

Those who like to freecamp in the wild, enjoy the freedom of nature, without fear of retaliation by the authorities …

Personalized kayaking and hiking tours. We will look for locations where you can safely reach your personal abilities.

Moskenes Island Circumnavigation

Day kayaking tours: Reine fjord, Nusfjord, Sefjord, Ballstad…

Seakayak course

If you are a beginner, you will have the opportunity to complete a 2 day course, during which I will prepare you in the best possible way. You can take this course before the tour in Hungary, on the Adriatic, or even here in the beautiful Lofoten Islands. However, this requires a minimum team of 4 people. You can find more information about courses in the NPF Basic Courses menu.

If you are advanced kayaker, I will still check your skills.

Why is this necessary?

The North Norwegian Sea has only 6-12 degrees. It is important in case of capsizing, your rescue and self-rescue skills needs to roll routinely. In such cold water, hypothermia comes very quick, even if you are wearing dryuits! You can also threat the safety of others,if you give false info about your skills! Please note this!

Safety is our priority!

Therefore, I reserve the right to change the pre-planned itinerary during the tour. The weather can change quickly, with one minutes of sunshine and 20 degrees (which is already a very good Scandinavian weather) the other minute a stormy wind with rain and temperatures of up to 0 degrees.

There is no reason to panic if we can’t get on the water, there are plenty of different trekking routes in my pocket! Alternative activities: taste the arctic surf … SUP paddling in more protected fjords …

Safety conditions for participation:

  • swim knowledge: the buoyancy aid holds you on the surface of the water, but I think a minimal swim ability can be expected from the participants.
  • zero alcohol consumption during the day – no one can drink alcohol or be under the influence of drugs. Anyone who breaks this rules has to face the consequences, surely he will not get into kayaks that day. In the evening, minimal alcohol consumption is allowed in the camp!
  • if you have any health problems you should let me know at least a few days before the tour starts. I handle this discreetly, but I need to know to avoid possible problems.
  • everyone must have their own travel insurance for the duration of the course and tour, which also provides for watersports and hiking!
  • it is advisable to follow the guidelines of the tour guide! 🙂