Weltenburger Enge Kayaktrip

Weltenburger Enge Kayaktrip

As part of our series of the BEST FACES on the Danube, we would take you first time on kayak tour at the Weltenburger Enge.
We are now inviting you to a not only spectacular but exciting trip on the section between Neuburg, Ingolstadt and Kelheim, where our national river has cut through the karst, providing us with a spectacular water route. Admire the steep cliffs of the Weltenburger Enge from a kayak.

Why You should come? 

I think the photos tell you everything, why not stay home! 🙂 
What you will be part of:
  • Exciting lockings: we can handle the shiplocks ourselves!
  • The view and sound of the clear water Danube meandering between hilly forests and steep rock walls.
  • Weltenburger Monastery, the oldest monastery brewery in the world, is also on the way, where you can buy the famous Weltenburger brown beer as a souvenir.
Weltenburger Enge - Duna -áttörés

  • As long as the others buy souvenirs, we can even swim in the refreshing Danube. 
Weltenburger Enge - Duna -áttörés

  • And in Kelheim you can see the imposing Freedom Hall, from the dome of which you can see the meandering Danube.
(avaible frm 1.January 2022))
Travel individually.
Meeting on Saturday morning at 8 AM in Neuburg.
 It is possible to arrive at the campsite operated by the local club the night before, so you don’t have to get up too early.
After getting to know each other in the morning, we will get familiar with the equipment, refresh our knowledge of safety and paddling technology, and after loading, we will hopefully start around 10 AM. 
Day 1:
8 AM. meeting in Neuburg
10AM. starting from Neuburg
10AM – 6PM. Neuburg – Ingolstadt – Vohburg.  34km
until 6PM. arrive to Vohburg.
Day 2:
9AM. start from Vohburg.
9AM – 4PM Vohburg – Weltenburg – Kelheim. 26km
until 4 PM arrive to Kelheim
Those, who arriving on a Friday night can relax in a tent at the Neuburg Rowing Club campsite. The fee is payable individually on site.
On Saturday evening we will camp at the Vohburg free campsite.
Everyone shoud bring own camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mattress) .
Meals: individually.
Everyone should take food for 2 days . You can even buy this in local supermarket.
Recommended a wild camping breakfast like oatmeal, scrambled eggs ..
During the day chocolate, nuts and dried fruits …
Dinner at the Italian pizzeria next to the Vohburg accommodation (with a Hungarian waiter) and a restaurant in Kelheim.
Travelling home:
After we took the vehicles back from Neuburg the same way we came.
Number of participants, and for who we recommend:
6 persons
Recommended for kayakers who can control the kayak even in rapid water, have knowledge and minimal experience of hydrology. If you have paddled with us at least once or attended our workshop, we can prove your knowledge. For complete beginners, this tour is not recommended for safety reasons due to the rapid sections.
How much it costs?

Tour fee: 43000 HUF /person

  • Professional tour guide and equipment (kayak, vest, oars)
 Individual fees:
  • Travel
  • Extreme sports insurance
  • Daily food are arranged by everyone individually. There is a supermarket on site.
  • Rental of camping equipment if you do not have your own.
  • Admissions for possible optional programs: Freedom Hall approx. 5-10 euros / person
Weltenburger Enge Kayaktrip
Application deadline: until the number of participants is reached.
(avaible from 1.January 2022)
Conditions for participation:
  • confirmed application
  • waterproof swimming skills
  • Kayaking experience or 1-2 paddling days before the tour organized by KayakCrazy.
  • Submission of a completed, signed disclaimer.
  • medical fitness and appropriate hiking equipment
  • extreme sports insurance
  • Covid test, vaccination certificate … etc. to enter Germany.
If the tour is not made due to us or covid regulations, the tour fee will be refunded.
If you cancel more than 60 days before departure, the tour fee will be refunded. If you cancel 59 and 30 days before the start of the program, 50% of the tour fee will be refunded. If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of the program, there will be no refund.
I suggest you bring:
  • several sets of wool or technical underwear
  • neoprene shoes / sneakers
  • gas cooker
  • water bottle, cutlery and crockery
  • dry bags For sleeping bags, madrass, clothes, tents, it ‘s better more small than a huge one (think about packing it in the kayak storage compartments!)
  • light tent
  • madrass and seasonal sleeping bag
  • waterproof camera and phone case
  • powerbank and / or solar charger
  • toilet paper
  • mosquito repellent, sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • cap
  • rain gear
  • hiking boots
  • necessary medications